Non solo insalata – Natural Fast Food

By Anna Iannone / On

Non solo insalata – Naming, branding, gadgets and shooting.

Naming, Brand, Corporate identity and Gadgets for a Natural & Bio Fast Food.

The main concept is based on the idea of an alternative and healthy fast food: fresh food is the key. “Non solo insalata” means “Not just salad”, I chose this naming in order to let the customer know that products range from salads to different kinds of fresh and healthy food: sandwiches, vegetarian and vegetable dishes like soups, paninis, etc. I took the photos myself too, and I also made two ads, each one with its respective slogan.

food_1 descrip_nonsoloinsalata-03

grafica_salad1 food_3 food_4 food_6 food_5 img_7416-2 food_7

“Stay light, eat healthy”


“Follow the right nutrition”

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